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Postby BMaster » Tue Apr 28, 2009 1:40 am

Welcome to Legend`s Forum.
Our band is one of the oldest bands in 9 Dragon history. This demands some respect, and respect is what this band and league will build on.
Respect for yourself, your band/leaguemembers and other players in the game. This will let us all have a good time playing this game.
I there are problems please let me know, and we will figure out a solution. It is better to walk away then to engage in a verbal battle that will lead to more trouble.
If you need something, like elixiers, weapons, relics, clothes etc please contact me before buying any ( unless u just need to ). It might just be that what you are looking for is in my bag ;)
We will try to help eachother the best we can so we can grow to be a strong and tightly knit band/league.

Good luck, good grind and enjoy the game!
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